#035 - Oyster Shell Necklace - Wholesale

  • $46.00

18" Rope Chain Oyster Shell Necklace //

14k/20 gold filled chain and components with a natural oyster shell. 

Chain length is 18" of total chain, meaning the necklace hangs about 9" from the neck. The oyster itself adds to the total length of the necklace. Each oyster differs in size and shape so each necklace will slightly differ in length. Most oyster shells are between 1 and 2.5" in length.

The oyster shell has been repurposed and would have otherwise been refuse. It has been 'rescued', cleaned, sanded, polished, drilled, and sealed.

We preserve the natural beauty of the oyster shell so these pieces can be worn showing either side of the shell, the smooth inside or the textured outside; each side carries equal interest. These necklaces are truly one of a kind pieces to be treasured.