#116 - Picasso Jasper + Mother of Pearl Bracelet - Wholesale


Picasso Jasper + Mother of Pearl Stretch Bracelet //

Natural Picasso Jasper / Mother of Pearl Shell

Single Bracelet

Size 7

Picasso Jasper is a stone of relationships as it’s said to attract new friends or invite old friends back into one’s life. It has a strong calming quality that attracts optimism and positivity and is also thought to stimulate the imagination and creativity.

Mother of Pearl delivers the gentle healing power of the sea. A stress relieving stone, Mother of Pearl brings tranquility to the wearer. It promotes balance and harmony within our emotions and is said to stimulate intuition, imagination, and adaptability.

The most common women's size is 7"

Natural stones are unique - colors vary slightly from stone to stone

Please be mindful that screens vary, and color may look different in person 

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