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Blackstone Large Bead Bracelet

Blackstone Large Bead Bracelet

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Blackstone Large Bead Stretch Bracelet //
On its own or mixed with others, the Blackstone Bracelet is a perfect addition to any collection. Its larger stones add interest and texture to your stack, while keeping it effortless and simple. Please note, these stones vary in richness of color from chalky gray to a richer charcoal/black - most are very similar to the shown image but please be aware and expect varation

Natural Gemstone
Blackstone, is protective stone and grounding in one's life. A cleansing and supportive stone, Blackstone is thought to remove the unwanted, and provide what's needed to overcome challenges.

To measure for sizing, wrap a piece of string around your wrist the way you would like the bracelet to fit, ie - more loose or more fitted. Mark the string where it intersects, then measure. If this is a gift and you don't have the recipient's size, the most common women's size is 7" and the most common men's size is 8". Bracelet will stretch about an inch to get on and off. 

Materials + Care 
Our bracelets are made with strong elastic cord that's made in the USA, pre-stretched, and finished with jewelry glue for added security. With less stretch and more tension, they are more durable and longer lasting. Roll the bracelet on and off to maintain its shape and size. 

Single Bracelet
This item listing is for one bracelet

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Please note
Natural gemstones are one of a kind, nature made items. Subtle variations in color and shape make each piece unique and may differ slightly from pictured stones. 

Handmade · Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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